5 Wedding Trends of 2020

With the current coronavirus pandemic, the way we celebrate events, such as weddings, is changing, the trend towards healthy and safe celebrations in the face of the pandemic will prevail.

Wedding Decor Rentals Trends in South Florida

1. Intimate Weddings


The wedding celebration trend will take an intimate and more welcoming tone, couples will have the opportunity to interact more with their guests, in celebrations of less than 50 guests, so that the experiences and details will be more personalized, choosing a smaller event, with more elaborate meals, even more, luxurious events can be created, couples can better adjust their budget, the event venues will be smaller offering better experiences.

Couples can choose unusual and unusual places for weddings such as libraries or rooftop gardens, they can have several small weddings or very elaborate dinners as a celebration and events with different groups of people, friends, and family, even in different cities, which gives the option to pay better attention to disinfection biosecurity details of the event venues, and will allow the couple to spend more time with each guest and the celebration is unique and personalized.

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2. Healthy and personalized menus


Personalized menus served directly at the table are increasingly popular, buffet-style menus will be less used, as will snacks, which will be served on individual plates, to maintain biosecurity.

Healthy menus with non-alcoholic drinks, and low-calorie appetizers, nuts, fruit, cookies, as well as different options to the traditional ones in terms of alcoholic beverages, such as gin or mezcal, seasonal flavors of ginger, cinnamon, will be the order of the day.

Unique and standard snacks will also be offered, all presented carefully and in an entertaining way, the presentation as a surprise factor.


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3. Sustainable weddings


Sustainable weddings, without wasting money and resources, can be performed using vintage and organic objects, reusing flowers at the ceremony, locally grown and seasonal food are on the rise as well as the hiring of local suppliers for the event.

From wedding invitations that can be done digitally, or with recycled paper,
Eliminating the plastic of the ceremony and reception, they are sustainable and friendly practices with the environment, it is also about the use of resources such as energy, holding weddings and receptions in the morning to take advantage of daylight and at nightfall choose to the use of candles, giving a personal and romantic touch

The decoration with vintage furniture and objects accompanied by textures such as linen, wood, raffia, wicker, esparto grass or rattan combine perfectly with a multitude of flowers and other plant elements and are also perfect for creating an atmosphere natural (one of the main trends for 2020).

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4. Use of technology to bring people together


More and more couples are embracing the technology for their weddings, particularly to unite more people when the actual event may not have a large guest list, via live broadcast, to different parts of the world, cameramen and photographers will expand their repertoire to include these streaming services, for guests who are unable to attend in person.

While wedding websites have been popular for years, new technology trends are important in 2020, including custom wedding hashtags, Facebook groups for wedding guests, and bridal parties, sharing wedding photos on Instagram.

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5. Unique gifts for wedding guests


The latest wedding trends, suggest creating memories, sustainable ecological and useful accompanied by experience for the guests, associated with the values and style of the couple, soaps, spices, oils, candles, crystals of spiritual style, even allocating the budget of those details for donation to different causes of charity.

There are plenty of options to celebrate a wedding according to the current situation in many creative and original ways complying with self-care and safety measures, you can have the wedding of your dreams, we are here to serve and offer you some more options.

Looking for wedding decor and rentals in South Florida? Give us a call: 954-289-7955


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