Decorating A Vintage Space, Details Matter

Your special day is approaching and you want to make it memorable. Unique details can make all the difference in the world and provide a big impact that will add a touch of elegance and antiquity. We are talking about vintage style, a style characterized by beautiful pieces of antique furniture.

Timeless Charm Rentals knows a thing or two about this. We offer customers antique furniture, farm tables and chairs, table rentals, high ceilings and bars, and a lot of decorative items. We have something for every style or occasion. We have searched high and low through antique shops to provide a complete portfolio of antique furniture pieces that will make your special day stand out.

Vintage Details You Cannot Overlook

Interior design of the space:

If the event is informal or if you want to consider the current interior decor/design of the space.


Flowers are an essential detail.  When talking about vintage decoration you have to bear in mind that flowers become a special element. You have to know which ones to choose and how to present them. You can use small roses, bouquets and floral centers. Flowers like: Hydrangeas, Roses, carnations, gerberas, paniculata are popular choices. You may want to go with something fresh, relaxing and discreet, such as peonies.

Vintage Decor:

Antique wooden boxes can be used for everything, place something over it such as flowers. Decorate the entrance of the venue and in the case of a wedding, you could place the initials of the bride and groom there.

Other elements to add include:

Lace parasols
Antique suitcases
Bird Cages
Record players, telephones, pictures, posters, jugs and guitars.

And if the celebration is outdoors? rustic is the way to go. Wooden tables and chairs and jute for decoration and accessories.

Other elements:

Tablecloths and chair covers: There is a wide range of colors, but we recommend using pastel colors that are appropriate for the occasion. In the case of tablecloths, the textures allow for a much better overall atmosphere.

Candles: they create a romantic and delicate atmosphere.

Fabrics in walls and ceilings: Fabrics are an interesting resource because they take advantage of the ambiance of a space for an event. There are different textures and colors and serve the function of dressing empty walls, separating spaces and enhancing environments.

If you have hanging elements in the space, the best thing you can do is to use panels or slats. This is in order to adjust to the texture of the wall. Often times the wall has a porous texture that does not allow the grip of the tape.

Keep in mind that a heavy fabric does not have the voluptuousness and volume of a lighter one, which allows the use of folds, pinched, draped and pleats. There are a variety of fabrics that can adapt to any budget.

Don’t forget that Timeless Charm is here to guide you in the design of your event, wedding and photo sessions. Remember we provide a free consultation to share our ideas and expertise for your big day.


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