Eco-friendly Vintage Furniture Decor Trends 2020 / 2021

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With the trend towards planet conservation, eco-friendly decoration and sustainable furniture, vintage decor is high in demand. 

A trend of environmentally responsible decoration takes up recyclable and natural objects and materials, which gives way to the trend in decoration with vintage-style objects and furniture.

So here you will find some good reasons why to opt for an ecological vintage decoration perfect for your special event.

When decorating keep in mind taking care of the planet

Why buy something disposable and harmful to the environment if you can choose something better?

When choosing vintage, not only is it recycled, but you also have the opportunity to have precious furniture and objects, which have lasted for decades and will continue to be used without having the pressure of what will happen to them later, there is furniture that has had a lot of work of artisans and has excellent quality and unique style; that will give this special touch to the event because it resisted the passage of time.

The industry creates objects and furniture to dispose of on a daily basis, in increasing consumerism and perishability, as an easy solution, to constantly decorate and change; without taking into account the environmental implications for the planet and for ourselves.
Furniture that only lasts a couple of years before being discarded, but at the moment, this management is becoming unsustainable, which is why the mind is already changing, due to recycling and conservation in all areas of our life, and our consumption habits, and entertainment.

Not only the recycling of objects, furniture and fashion is being implemented as a measure to be friendly to the planet, it is also being revised to build the objects with environmentally safe materials and from sustainable sources, which may although present a greater increase in price, but in the long term objects that remain of high quality and that could be reused.

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Vintage furniture comes with a personal story

Furniture that has been produced on a large scale by the industry, for the most part, lacks that personal touch, it fades, for a special moment, it is vital to add that unique value of vintage pieces.
Vintage objects and furniture highlight the personality of those who display and use them, out of the ordinary. There are different and unique pieces, whoever has made them, has placed a detail of painting or upholstery, which has made it different and with a personal touch, they have a history, and an emotion a time, for which they are appreciated more, highlight the value of the authentic and family.

Vintage objects and furniture mixed with organic elements

Organic elements such as plants and dry branches, wicker, bamboo, linen, wool, window frames play an important role in the decoration eco-friendly; its uses are extensive, suspended plants, bouquets of natural flowers, gardens, that provide romance and positive energy, making the decoration recyclable and friendly to the planet, in addition to being durable,
Glass, porcelain, bottles are also important accessories to complement furniture decorations and bases for events.

We recommend these vintage decoration trends that are friendly to the planet for events, it is important to create healthier environments for the environment and for people, creating unique experiences, if you need help with your event design, and planning inspiration, we are here to serve and offer you some more options.

Looking for vintage decor in South Florida? Give us a call: 954-289-7955

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