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No event is complete without the right tables and chairs for your occasion. Perhaps the venue is selected, the date is set, invitations are ready, now it’s time to select the best tables and chairs. The venue may already have tables and chairs, but maybe not enough. Or you may be looking for some that make a statement. This happens all the time. Here are some tips to help you along your journey for selecting the best tables and chairs for your event.

Consider Storage

One of the reasons the venue may not have the tables and chairs you are looking for, is storage. This is why it often makes sense to find a trusted rental company that can quickly deliver and collect once the event is over. Also, consider that there will be costs associated with the pickup and delivery. Additional charges can apply for early deliveries or overtime pickups.
Some venues may have storage space that will allow rental companies to leave the tables and chairs the day before your event and pick them up the next day. If your venue has strict guidelines, this may cost more. For example, if you need to have all of your rental items off-site before midnight, this will be an added expense.

Consider Setup

Does the event venue provide a team to install and dismantle the tables and chairs for you? Make sure you keep this in mind and if necessary, select a company that will assist with you with setting up the tables and chairs or coordinate with the venue staff so they can assist.

Event Planner

There should be a designated person (your event planner, food service provider, friend or co-worker) that should be responsible for your rentals. This person should count the number of tables and chairs when they arrive and count again when they are going to be picked up. Sometimes, when a chair moves to a different area during the event, it can be left behind. Having someone who can be on top of this will help prevent you from incurring replacement costs.

Selecting The Quantity

Once you verify how many guests are going to attend, you must make sure that the chairs and tables you will rent go with has enough inventory to fulfill your need. Here at Timeless Charm Rentals, you can request an inventory count by clicking here 

Select A Reputable Rental Company For Table And Chair Rentals

Every event is special. In the case of a wedding, this is one of the most important and memorable moments in the life of a couple, so you definitely want to select a reputable company for your event rental needs. Consider a company that is going to take an active interest in understanding the theme and many aspects of the event so they can help you decide which tables and chair will go best.


What Type Of Chair Would You Like For Your Event?

Know the styles of chairs and give a charming touch to the decoration of your event.
There are for all tastes, here we present which could fit the style you want:

rental company-vintage -rustic looks-creative items-Timeless Charm-wedding coordination-event planning-Fort LauderdaleTimeless-charmgreen_chair_stain_edit-timeless-charmrental company-vintage -rustic looks-creative items-Timeless Charm-wedding coordination-event planning-Fort Lauderdale

1. Tiffany Or Chiavari Chair

Marquis Stefano Rivarola discovered this chair type in Paris in 1807. It was known for its elegance and he took it to a city called Chiavari in Italy and there he met a craftsman who made some improvements. Today they are known as Tiffany chairs. They are ideal for day and night ceremonies, they are classic and full of glamour. The color allows its use in all kinds of decoration maintaining its elegance.

2. Versailles Or Napoleon

Ideal for vintage events. It is a sober and classic chair that adapts to any space. This design is inspired by chairs from the village of Chiavari Italy and the great Austrian manufacturer Michael Thonet.

3. Phoenix

This type of chair is indicated for more elegant events, as they are lounge, club or hotel chairs. It is a more delicate line and its design conveys great elegance. It is also very resistant and light.

4. Folding Chair

It is known because its design is comfortable and has a white cushion. You can get them in wood as well, which is ideal for outdoor events. It is very desired in the marketplace.

5. Crossback Chairs

This type of folding chair is ideal for country events and outdoor meetings. Their design is more relaxed, ideal for large spaces, in addition they are ergonomic, lightweight and easy to maintain.

6. Louis XV Or Isabelina Chair

This wooden chair is usually available in various colours: white, chocolate, tobacco, honey and wash. It is an elegant chair, ideal for your wedding that will be held in a lounge or hotel. In addition the good thing about it is the ergonomics that adjusts to the person. It’s sophisticated and classic: You’ll feel like you’re in another era!

7. Ghost Chair

It is a modern adaptation to the original baroque design of Louis XVI and was designed by Philippe Starck.

8. Victoria Chair

Usually made of polycarbonate, is an elegant and comfortable design, differs from the Ghost in that it has no armrests. It does not need a cushion as the seat is ergonomic. It generally comes in transparent and white.

9. Fonda Chair

Usually made of wood and leather, fantastic for a rural or rustic event.
Consider the type of event you are going to have; outdoors, in the living room, in a hotel or in another city.

2 Additional Tips To Style Your Chairs

designing-rental company-vintage -rustic looks-creative items-Timeless Charm-wedding coordination-event planning-Fort Lauderdale- rental company-vintage -rustic looks-creative items-Timeless Charm-wedding coordination-event planning-Fort Lauderdale-

1. Chair Covers

Don’t forget that the chairs you rent for your event can have a unique and special touch. Covers are also a perfect way to personalize them and give a very cool touch to the chairs you use. This tip is perfect for unifying styles. Imagine that you use chairs of different styles in your event because you have fallen short. What better way to make them all look the same than using the same cover or fabric to cover each of them?

2. Decorate With Flowers And Plants

Flowers and plants are also a good way to decorate them. For example, if you are going to do a light wedding ceremony in the garden of your house and the bride and groom are going to advance to the altar, you can create a path with flower centers that delimit the space of the chairs. It will look beautiful and very elegant. When you rent chairs, it can also give you the opportunity to determine many key elements: from the hardness of the chairs, their degree of comfort, their style, to having someone in charge of placing them properly and then removing them and clearing the spaces.


Which Table Rental Do I Choose For My Event?

Today we want to talk to you about the most popular ones and tell you about their advantages so that you can take them into account if you are organizing a special event. Not all table types lend themselves to all styles of celebration so consider the following options:

rental company-vintage -rustic looks-creative items-Timeless Charm-wedding coordination-event planning-Fort Lauderdale-timeless-charm-handcrafted_rustic_coffee_table_square_timeless-charm-hall_table_2_Timeless-charm

1. Round Table

Advantages: encourage interaction between guests. And they are very favorable in events where people who have to interact.
Disadvantages: their main disadvantage is that they take up a lot of space. Therefore they are not recommended in events with many attendees.

2. Square Table

This type of table stands out for its aesthetics and originality, and the main reason is that it forces an even number of diners to sit down and it is not very versatile, contrary the round table. The most welcoming square table size can integrate four, six or eight diners, no more.
One of its main features is that it is suitable for more intimate or family gatherings.

3. Rectangular Table

In case you need only one table, this is the most common type used. It occupies less than the round and square, so it is recommended for large weddings and, above all, venues with space constraints. Depending on the size, it can fit up to 30 people.
The disadvantage is that if its size is very large, it isolates guests limiting interaction between each other and the ability to see each other’s faces.
This table type is widely used in formal meals.

4. Oval Table

It works the same as the rectangular one, but has the distinct characteristic of having both ends in a rounded shape. It is not very common for big events because it does not allow to add other tables.
If its size is wide, the same thing happens as in the rectangular one: you can’t have a uniform conversation. If it’s small in size, it has the advantage that all the guests can see each other and have a common conversation, the same as in round tables.

5. Imperial Table

This furniture is designed for a minimum of 50 people and is usually used in large wedding events, for its elegance and decoration. Another advantage is that this type of table can be served on very quickly, which guarantees an excellent dining experience.
Nowadays, this is the name given to any table with rounded ends and straight sides, that is to say, its shape is rectangular but closed in a round shape in order to occupy its ends and take advantage of all the space and dimension of the table. This offers an additional advantage: all guests are accompanied on the right and left, as there are no corners.
It is one of the most widely used table types for business and institutional events and for meals where only one table is set, especially for 30 guests or more.

6. U-Shaped Or Horseshoe Table

This type of table is used on rare occasions: large banquets (without occupying the inside) or when you want to seat everyone at the same table as the hosts (you can occupy the inside). There are two things to bear in mind here: you should never occupy the ends of the table or the front side of the presidency.


Other Things To Consider

Outdoor furniture, there are so many things you can do outdoors with the right furniture. If you want to give a warmer or bohemian look to your event then it’s best to think of wood furniture or a more rustic or vintage style, while for a more modern event you may prefer to set up a lounge, illuminated tables and contrasting tones.
Mix styles. A style that has become very popular lately are the combinations of different styles in both tables and chairs, so if you dare you can get very interesting combinations such as mixing transparent ghost chairs with wooden chairs or tiffany type. It will be a detail that will give a lot of personality to your event.
Whatever style or chair type you need, the important thing is that you work with a rental company that is reputable and delivers on their promises. To schedule a consultation with one of our rental specialists Click Here



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