Tips For Wedding Event Rentals

Weddings are perhaps the most special of events and renting all of the items needed for this occasion can be a very daunting task.

Consider this, on average, a couple has to work with four or more providers to make their wedding a success. Each provider has its own contracts, collection / delivery expectations, preferred method of payment and communication, and more. And, with so many different people contributing to the success of a wedding, the chances of a setback, poor quality products, a cancellation or a delay are much more likely than you would expect. Therefore it is important to take all the necessary precautions when seeking wedding event rentals.

Many couples are told to buy certain supplies (lights, party accessories, flowers, etc.). Couples believe that they can minimize the level of stress that comes with planning their wedding if they reduce the number of providers they have to rent from. However, it is incredibly stressful to have to find the right accessories and items to buy. Not only that, but when you buy instead of renting, you are forced to spend an incredible amount more than you have probably budgeted, plus the time it takes to find things in one place.

Also, do you really need to own all those things you have in mind for your wedding? What are you going to do with those accessories? Sure, they’re nice, but after a while you’ll end up selling them for nothing. Others may keep them in storage where they accumulate dust and occupy space. Therefore, renting what you need for your wedding makes sense. At the end of the day, renting supplies and decorations for your wedding is the most logical and cost-effective way to get what you need for your big day.

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As we strive to help you find the high quality items you need for your wedding, here are some tips to help you along the way.


Top Wedding Rental Tips For Your Wedding


flowers-designing-rental company-vintage -rustic looks-creative items-Timeless Charm-wedding coordination-event planning-Fort Lauderdale-standBefore we begin, keep in mind that when you start planning your wedding day, you will soon realize that there are many elements of the planning stages that are beyond your control. That is why it is so important to determine what you have control over, and to ensure that those parts of the wedding planning stages are carried out smoothly.

Assuming you already have your dream venue selected, let’s delve into one the tips that can help you with wedding event rentals.

1. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute.

We all dream of having that perfect climate for our ceremony or outdoor reception, but the truth is that it is always better to be prepared just in case. Waiting until a couple of days before your wedding can often cause a lot of stress to locate and find available rentals that can meet your needs. Most rental companies will allow you to reserve items in advance and set cancellation policies so that you can recover most of your money, which will really give you peace of mind.

2. The Importance Of Placement

It is important to know in detail the place of the event, keep in mind the, verify if there are low or uneven areas on the ground, look at any electric or underground water line, or even determine if there are trees, if the event is outside, or any other structure that could be a potential danger.
These are items that are often overlooked, but could cause some serious delays or changes if you wait until the day of delivery.

3. Have An Inventory List

Make sure that the expert of your rental company has all the information of each item that you plan to have inside the venue, aligned with number of guests you are anticipating. The guests should be comfortable and the space should be sufficient so that the additional elements such as the dance floor, the bar areas, the food tables and much more are distributed in an effective way.

4. Consider All The Moving Parts

There are many different moving parts that happen at the same time on your wedding day. Time is essential! We recommend that you first make sure you know exactly on what day and at what time you can get your providers in and out of the venue. Some are very particular when a rental company can come to the facilities, and have designated windows. Then, communicate that information to your suppliers and make sure to check again that the delivery and the days / hours of collection of your invoices are correct. This type of communication ensures that the rental company has enough time to fully configure and arrive in a timely manner. You may want to consider different vendors coming in different time frames to ensure a quicker and easier setup. For example, if the rental company is the first to set up the tables, before the florist installs the centerpieces.

5. Review And Confirm.

This seems simple, but it may be the aspect that is most overlooked in the entire planning process of your wedding. Most of the time, your rental items have been booked months in advance. Things are constantly changing. The numbers go up and down, the budgets change, the weather forecast is different and there are many factors to take into consideration leading up to your special day. We recommend that you and your planner, if you have one, check your orders regularly. Make sure your quantities are correct. Look at all the line items in detail and confirm that nothing is missing. Make sure your provider has the correct physical location address on the invoice. In addition, we recommend that you provide the provider with 2 or 3 contacts for the rental company in case of problems. Provide the name and contact number of the place, the name and contact number of the planner, and possibly even a close friend or relative.

Doing these things will help you achieve the wedding you deserve!

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