Vintage Decor Trends in 2019

Vintage decor has grown in popularity in recent years as people seek to incorporate beauty, detail and harmony to their events. This style gives originality, allows to combine glamour with nature and the wild, and also offers great versatility in personalizing an event, making it fun, unique and memorable. 

Wood is a key element of vintage decor and it is oftentimes used at parties, reflected in the furniture or in the details of the decoration, which is usually integrated with nature and rustic elements. 

If you are planning an event and wish to use vintage decor, it’s important to take advantage of an endless number of decoration options: whether you are planning a wedding, graduation, anniversary or birthday, this will truly help make your event memorable. 

Vintage Styles

There are three options that stand out and can guide you in deciding the best vintage style for your event.

Great Gatsby or Art Deco: This 20’s inspired style that gives it a touch of elegance. If you go for this option the decoration should be marked by the combination of black, gold and light tones.

Shabby chic: Relates to the 40s and 50s giving a more romantic and sweet air to the celebration. For this type of decoration, use pastel shades, lace, cages, delicate ties, pearls, among others.

Rustic: Focuses on nature and rural details. Use strong materials such as jute (or cabuya), ropes and wildflowers.

Remember that you are the one who chooses the style. When planning a vintage event, decoration is key, so no matter which way you decide to go define the range of colors (ideally pastel tones) in order to find uniformity and harmony among all the elements.

Tips when decorating

The magic of these events lies in the details. For example, if you are going to send invitations for your celebration you should consider the use of clear chord colors, use kraft paper as a more rustic option, a jute knot to close the envelope, or touches of lace similar to those used in the decoration. Example:

when decorating, add rustic items such as trunks, bicycles or old sewing machines at strategic points where they attract attention. For the centerpieces, you can use jute, an allied material for many details of the decoration, accompanied by wildflowers or those that go hand in hand with the chosen style. 

Do not lose sight of the tablecloths and crockery, in these cases you can take advantage of the tablecloths you have with clear floral prints, use jute again for napkins, and forget to use plastic cups that would detract from the distinction of the event.

Guests will want to take pictures and take advantage of the decoration so it is useful to use some wooden frames and assign a specific space for this purpose. There, you can put old clocks and boxes, antique books, vintage mirrors, among other details.

If you want you can add a decorative table or a candy table, take advantage of all the elements you want to integrate. Another option is to decorate the walls with balloons and streamers made of fabric or floral paper, paste old advertisements, or use pearls and combine them with white flowers for a more elegant style. 

There are many things you can do to further customize the event:

  • Look for old family photos and print them in shades of ochre, black and white and integrate them into the décor (it can be on the walls or as a collage).
  • Create your own centerpieces with empty flowers and wine bottles. Add a lace border to complete the vintage style.
  • Use garden jars to put more flowers in some spots. This can help you save money because you don’t have to buy special flowers and you can take advantage of nice foliage.
  • Use old suitcases for guests to leave gifts, or place them in a corner in the shape of a decorative tower.
  • Set up a signature book for your guests to leave their messages or ask them to write on small pieces of paper and hang them with tweezers on a jute rope.
  • If you have a wooden staircase, use it as part of the decoration. Or if there’s a board or chalkboard at home, recycle it to welcome your guests with a message.
  • Wood is a key element of vintage and when you use it in the event, in the furniture or in the details of the decoration, you will integrate nature and the rustic style you are going for. 

Eat vintage style

Most events have a cake and there are different varieties that go well with vintage decor. Some prefer cakes with imperfect finishes, decorations that look like jute or simple flowers with a wild style, others take advantage of vintage to get out of everyday life and use colored cakes with decorations such as trunks and rustic elements and there are even those who choose cakes without any decoration, keep it simple.

Use sweets to complement the decor, like marshmallows in glass jars with pastel tones on cupcakes, these are very amusing ways to personalize the menu.

Depending on what type of event you can agree with the venue to make sure everything flows with the same ideas. Good snacks and sandwiches are simple but go well with vintage themed celebrations.

Sometimes it’s about being resourceful, inspired, and having fun in the process. If you want to involve your guests and make them part of the fun, you can make your party a themed event and ask them to wear vintage dresses. 

However, whether they’re dressed in vintage or not, they’re sure to have fun.



Vintage weddings are very romantic events that are surrounded by an atmosphere that evokes memories of the past. For this reason, these types of weddings are so successful because they are able to bring objects that are no longer even used.

For a wedding to be considered vintage, it must have a series of qualities, such as adequate decoration based on natural materials and textures, soft and pastel colors, as well as an overall environment that is not very modernized.

How to prepare a vintage wedding?

In order to achieve that vintage and retro style for a wedding, it is important to pay close attention to the decoration of the venue. Ideally you should want to achieve a perfect fusion of styles that transport us to the days of old, but without completely detaching ourselves from reality. Here you have some tips decorate a vintage wedding and create a dream event.

A vintage wedding needs elements that lead to a whole cast of sensations that evoke memories of the past. For this, we recommend that you choose, first and foremost, a charming location.

Our recommendations for venues are:

  • Old houses.
  • Medieval castles.
  • Palaces ( A mansion, or palace, is a sumptuous dwelling, smaller than a palace but with luxurious appearance and fun areas.)
  • Masías (A masía is a type of rural construction, also called masada or simply more existing in the whole east of the Iberian Peninsula and south of France, concretely in the old Crown of Aragon and Provence that has its origins in the ancient Roman villas.)
  • Stately homes.
  • Ancient wineries
  • Outdoor farms.

Any place that can help us go back years and make us feel like we’re in a totally different era.

The importance of vintage decoration

Once the venue is chosen, it is essential to choose the right decorative elements. While everything has to breathe an ancient and retro air, it is important not to overload the scene, stop thinking about how to organize a vintage wedding and get down to work with these inspiring ideas.

  • Look for antique items you’ve inherited from your grandparents and great-grandparents and place them on the floor in order of height. Choose only those that best match the style you want to give your wedding.
  • Use screens, clocks, books, restored table dressers, antique mirrors, wooden objects, glass jars, suitcases, etc. Everything that, perhaps, you had stored in a storeroom and now gives meaning to your wedding.
  • Decorate the different corners of your wedding with natural flowers. This is a very retro element that reminds us a lot of the Hippie movement.
  • Forget about technology for a moment and don’t do anything to the computer. Use your ingenuity and creativity to create beautiful handmade drawings and posters.
  • Another important aspect you should not forget is lighting. Choose some beautiful old lanterns to place in the darkest corners and take advantage of the magic of candles to give more romanticism to the centerpieces.
  • Finally, you know what you can do with those crochet rugs. They are perfect to give a vintage touch to any table or furniture.
  • Another idea to decorate a vintage wedding is to use some wicker baskets to give that retro touch. Fill them with flowers or fruits and feel how the past returns to your wedding day.
  • Antique chairs and armchairs for your guests are also great. This is a perfect vintage touch is that besides being comfortable, is an incredible choice to surprise everyone.
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